Overnight Boarding Rates

Pricing for overnight boarding includes one night of boarding and daycare during their stay no matter what time your pup checks-in. However, there is a $25 day-boaridng fee if your pup is not checked out during the morning check-out times (7:30-10:00 or 9-11:00 on Saturdays). We offer three different suite options:

Luxury Boarding

One Dog: $60 per night

Two Dogs (same family/same kennel): $100 per night

Three Dogs (same family/same kennel):$125 per night 

additional pets: +$20 per dog

Basic Boarding

One Dog: $40 per night

Two Dogs (same family/same kennel): $60 per night

additional pets: +$17.50 per dog

Upstairs Boarding

One Dog: $30 per night

additional pets: +$20 per dog

ALL Allen Veterinary hospital Clients receive 10% off boarding!!

Cat Condos

Cats are pretty simple. 

One Condo

One cat: $18 per night

Two cats (same family/same kennel): $27 per night

We do not recommend housing more than 2 cats per condo. 

Two Condos

One cat: $36 per night

Two cats (same family/same kennel): $45 per night

additional cats: +$9.00 per cat